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Making your content popular using Facebook

  REF: Manoj 2012, ‘The Power of Facebook Advertising – Infographic’ [online],, 27 August, Available from: [Accessed: 27.8.2012]. Advertisements

Tendencies [infographics]

Video Games: An Industry in Transition

If you would like to get into the game industry, have a look to this Infographic that reveals the tendencies about the business. Enjoy. REF Silverman, M. 2012, Video Games: An Industry in Flux [INFOGRAPHIC] [online],, 1, Available from: [Accessed: 21.6.2012].

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Do you need a creative CV?

How many time have we heard that we should make our CV stand out from the crowd? Michael Anderson [ if this guy really exists ] has this lovely idea for a Curriculum Vitae layout. I hope can be source of inspiration for you. Enjoy it. REF Correia, J. 2009, An infographic résumé [online], Joao… Continue reading Do you need a creative CV?

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Simple Guide to Photography

REF: Juans, G. 2011, Simple Guide to Photography [online], Snap Blog, 1, Available from: [Accessed: 23.5.2012].

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Understanding 3D shooting

In Camera H.I.T. Infographic “Infographic explaining the concept of controlling convergence of 3D footage shot with parallel cameras- By using over sized sensor’s and adjusting the H.I.T. of the region of interest.” Nathan Clark REF: Clark, N. 2011, In Camera H.I.T. Infographic [online], Vimeo, 1, Available from: [Accessed: 23.5.2012].


There’s a story behind every song. Let it Be!

Caielli, S. 2011, There´s a story behind every song. [online], Blog Fail, 1, Available from: %5BAccessed: 22.4.2012].

Video Production

Would you like to make a Horror Movie too?

THE FRENCH FILM CHANNEL ISSUES A SET OF WITTY DIAGRAMS THAT BREAKS DOWN THE FORMULAS BEHIND THREE TYPES OF GENRE MOVIE. Pavlus, J. 2011, Infographics of the Day: Flow Charts For Making Horror or Action Movies [online], Fastcodesign, 1, Available from: [Accessed: 22.4.2012].