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Top tips to look great on camera

Appearing on camera can be really tricky for non-actors. It can actually be really uncomfortable!

So we thought we’d share with you our top basic tips to help you feel at ease from the word 🎬ACTION!

🦊🎥 Keep it light: It will help the final video look much better. Like in life, don’t take anything too seriously.

🦊🎥 SMILE! It might feel awkward at first but don’t let it put you off.

🦊🎥 It WILL take multiple takes. And that’s OK! Promise it will be all worth it in the end.

🦊🎥 Would you run with your hands in your pockets? Nah you wouldn’t! It’d be silly, right? Well, same goes for being on camera. Find a comfy, natural position and relaaaax.

🦊🎥 Bring a friend: our crew is mega friendly. All of them. But if you still think it’ll be intimidating feel free to bring someone to tag along. They’ll have the job of being encouraging and supportive.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. We reckon these guys all look quite at ease!

Top tips to look great on camera

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The importance of lighting

When you’re watching a video it is really easy to take lighting for granted. That is if the lighting technique used has been successful. Just as we often bang on and on about sound, lighting too should never-ever be overlooked. Even if your budget is tight we would always advise carefully considering your light set… Continue reading The importance of lighting

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This is definitely something worth watching. If you struggling to focus your mind in a productive way then have a look at it. Enjoy! REF: Johnson, S. 2010, WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM [online], Available from: [Accessed: 22.5.2013].

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37signals library of physical interfaces

Following the User Design Experience tendency? Enjoy. REF Fried, J. 2012, User Experience Sux [online],, 24 August,  Available from: [Accessed: 27.8.2012]

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Tony Scott

Director Tony Scott’s last lengthy on-camera interview, December 2011. Enjoy it. REF Popova, M 2012, ‘Explore’ [online],, 21st August, Available from: [Accessed: 23.8.2012].

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How they made it? Behind the Olympic Games 2012

Good production is invisible. During the Olympic Games we were able to see how the BBC delivered top notch content to our TVs, laptops and mobiles screens. This is just a small example of how they achieved this. Enjoy! REF. Beanyman62News 2012, Filming The Games From Every Angle [online],, 1, Available from: [Accessed:… Continue reading How they made it? Behind the Olympic Games 2012

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Western Spaghetti by PES

If you feel like making STOP MOTION MOVIES you may want to see this great product by PES. Enjoy! REF Pez Films 2008, ‘Western Spaghetti by PES’ [online], Youtube, 5 july, Available from: [Accessed: 26.7.2012].