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Sound Engineer Mark P. Stoeckinger

Sound designer vs Sound mixer. Stoeckinger tells us about his experience making sounds for films such Unstoppable. Enjoy. REF:  2012, ‘DP/30: Unstoppbable, sound editor Mark P. Stoeckinger (by TheHotButton)’ [online], Film… Sound… Color… Tumblr, 27 August, Available from: [Accessed: 27.8.2012]. Advertisements

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SONOS STUDIO [LA] The making of.

The space serves as the best place in Los Angeles to experience Sonos, with events designed to explore the intersection of music, art and technology through creative collaborations.” REF: 2012, SONOS STUDIO LA & SUB- 06.27.12 [online], NOTCOT, 1, Available from: [Accessed: 28.6.2012].

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“Be it a new product, website or content management system, we understand that user experience design is the key to bringing the principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape.” REF 2010, User Experience Desing [online], studioaium, 1, Available from: [Accessed: 24.6.2012].

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Do you need a creative CV?

How many time have we heard that we should make our CV stand out from the crowd? Michael Anderson [ if this guy really exists ] has this lovely idea for a Curriculum Vitae layout. I hope can be source of inspiration for you. Enjoy it. REF Correia, J. 2009, An infographic résumé [online], Joao… Continue reading Do you need a creative CV?

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Sound Design: Wabi Sabi Sound

Sometimes we forget how important a sound track can be. This video shows about the sound production for video games. Enjoy it. [I would suggest you switch the quality to HD in the youtube’s player.] REF Guiotto, G. Sound Design: Wabi Sabi Sound [online], abduzeedo, 1, Available from: [Accessed: 27.5.2012].

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Dolby® Atmos. A new sound experience.

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. announced on Monday, April 23rd at CinemaCon 2012, Dolby® Atmos, a new audio platform that will change the experience of sound in entertainment. Launching in the cinema, Dolby Atmos delivers a more natural and realistic sound-field, which transports people into the story with a lifelike, sensory experience. Sound Works Collection 2012, Dolby… Continue reading Dolby® Atmos. A new sound experience.


There’s a story behind every song. Let it Be!

Caielli, S. 2011, There´s a story behind every song. [online], Blog Fail, 1, Available from: %5BAccessed: 22.4.2012].