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The importance of lighting

When you’re watching a video it is really easy to take lighting for granted. That is if the lighting technique used has been successful. Just as we often bang on and on about sound, lighting too should never-ever be overlooked. Even if your budget is tight we would always advise carefully considering your light set… Continue reading The importance of lighting

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7 tips to film with your mobile

Mobile phones are everywhere and they’re becoming more and more powerful by the day. Now, just because you have a powerful camera it doesn’t mean every video you make will be top notch. That shiny new iPhone 7, ok scratch that… that battered, smashed screen iPhone 5 will only get you great quality if you use… Continue reading 7 tips to film with your mobile

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Shooting a timelapse of the Moon in Wimbledon, London | Behind the scenes |

Our creative director has been getting… well, creative (!) and taking advantage of the beautiful Summer light in London has been playing a lot with a Canon 7D and a Polaroid intervalometer. Click the link below to learn a bit about the  technique and equipment used [Instagram

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3 Top tips to film with your phone

As explained by a child… for children! It really is very simple, just watch this 90 seconds video and learn how and why you should:

1. Improve lighting
2. Achieve better sound using just the internal mic
3. Never shoot vertical videos!

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How does an editor think and feel?

In this video by Every Frame a Painting, film editor Tony Zhou talks about the editing process and tries to explain “How does an editor think and feel?” – because every film editor has been asked that same question: How do you keep your sanity when asked to come up with a terrific story out of a thousand rushes?




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3 Tricks For Your Impossibly Small Film Crew

Vimeo keeps developing tools for those who love learning about new and affordable ways to improve small productions. Here a short video that will show you how to Swipe Cutting, Split Screening and how to take advantage on your Smart Phone Audio Recording. Enjoy!   3 Tricks For Your Impossibly Small Film Crew from Vimeo… Continue reading 3 Tricks For Your Impossibly Small Film Crew


Easter is coming!

  This video tutorial will show you how to paint easter eggs in a fun and exciting way! You will need: Nail polish paints, an egg [I am using duck eggs], a small cup, chop sticks, a wall nail or other pointy tool and a bit of water. It is important to always test the… Continue reading Easter is coming!