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Understanding 3D shooting

In Camera H.I.T. Infographic “Infographic explaining the concept of controlling convergence of 3D footage shot with parallel cameras- By using over sized sensor’s and adjusting the H.I.T. of the region of interest.” Nathan Clark REF: Clark, N. 2011, In Camera H.I.T. Infographic [online], Vimeo, 1, Available from: [Accessed: 23.5.2012]. Advertisements

Sound Design

Honda Choir Commercial

This is something worth watching again and again. It reminds us that we don’t need the latest technology to achieve great sound design. I hope you enjoy it.

Sound Design · Storytelling

A life without sound is like a Movie without Mr. Foley.

“A darkly funny but nightmarish scenario, a man wakes up in hospital with a group of sound artists soundtracking his life. Mr Foley is an award winning short film directed by Dublin directing duo Mike Ahern & Enda Loughman aka D.A.D.D.Y. The film has been on the festival circuit for a while but has just premiered online for all to see, YAY!”

Ref. 2012, Mr. Foley [online], Designing Sound, 1, Available from: [Accessed: 4.5.2012].

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10 Quick Specs omitted from the Specs Chart of the ZOOM H4n

Pros Great audio quality recording [Better than CD: up to 24bit/96kHz]. Affordable price [around £230 / $300]. Stereo pair Condenser mics. Phantom Power [+48v/+24V] for external mics supported. Works fine with batteries [around 5 continuous hours]. Cons: Doesn’t allow you to check input levels or setting if the SD Card is not inserted into the slot [that… Continue reading 10 Quick Specs omitted from the Specs Chart of the ZOOM H4n

Sound Design

Microphone Techniques for Recording from SHURE

The selection and placement of microphones can have a major influence on the sound of an acoustic recording. It is a common view in the recording industry that the music played by a skilled musician with a quality instrument properly miked can be sent directly to the recorder with little or no modification. This simple approach can… Continue reading Microphone Techniques for Recording from SHURE