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Social video management with Hootsuite

If you’re looking to incorporate video into your social media strategy, Hootsuite has made it easier than ever, as you can now tackle video tasks directly from its dashboard. They have announced new integration with YouTube, as well as more support for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram video. According to Hootsuite (but we’re sure you already figured… Continue reading Social video management with Hootsuite

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Making your content popular using Facebook

  REF: Manoj 2012, ‘The Power of Facebook Advertising – Infographic’ [online],, 27 August, Available from: [Accessed: 27.8.2012].

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37signals library of physical interfaces

Following the User Design Experience tendency? Enjoy. REF Fried, J. 2012, User Experience Sux [online],, 24 August,  Available from: [Accessed: 27.8.2012]

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The Social Media Switch

This article form POSTANO helps us understand the switch to digital: “Working Dollas” vs. “Not-Working dollars” Hope you enjoy. REF Torng, C. 2012, Content-Driven Social Marketing: Time to Make the Digital Donuts [online],, 1, Available from: [Accessed: 14.8.2012].