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Social video management with Hootsuite

If you’re looking to incorporate video into your social media strategy, Hootsuite has made it easier than ever, as you can now tackle video tasks directly from its dashboard. They have announced new integration with YouTube, as well as more support for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram video. According to Hootsuite (but we’re sure you already figured… Continue reading Social video management with Hootsuite

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Three Point Lighting for Video and Photography

Cameras love light. If you have a good lighting setup your life will be way easier in post. Have a look at this basic tutorial and get it right! Enjoy! Source:

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14 Tips on Photographing or filming with Kids

The guys from Slanted Lens have created a video with production tips when working with kids. There is a few ads at the end of the movie but the advice is very-very useful. Enjoy! 14 Tips on Photographing Kids – Photography & Video Tutorial (YouTube), 2013, USA, The Slanted Lens.

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3 Tricks For Your Impossibly Small Film Crew

Vimeo keeps developing tools for those who love learning about new and affordable ways to improve small productions. Here a short video that will show you how to Swipe Cutting, Split Screening and how to take advantage on your Smart Phone Audio Recording. Enjoy!   3 Tricks For Your Impossibly Small Film Crew from Vimeo… Continue reading 3 Tricks For Your Impossibly Small Film Crew


Photography Cheatsheets | Nikon vs Canon

2013, ‘Pinterest’ [online], Photography Tips, Available from: [Accessed: 11.7.2014].


Easter is coming!

  This video tutorial will show you how to paint easter eggs in a fun and exciting way! You will need: Nail polish paints, an egg [I am using duck eggs], a small cup, chop sticks, a wall nail or other pointy tool and a bit of water. It is important to always test the… Continue reading Easter is coming!


A yummy video

I’ve made this short video. If anyone fancy Ice Cream!