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Three Point Lighting for Video and Photography

Cameras love light. If you have a good lighting setup your life will be way easier in post. Have a look at this basic tutorial and get it right! Enjoy! Source: Advertisements

Video Production

14 Tips on Photographing or filming with Kids

The guys from Slanted Lens have created a video with production tips when working with kids. There is a few ads at the end of the movie but the advice is very-very useful. Enjoy! 14 Tips on Photographing Kids – Photography & Video Tutorial (YouTube), 2013, USA, The Slanted Lens.

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3 Tricks For Your Impossibly Small Film Crew

Vimeo keeps developing tools for those who love learning about new and affordable ways to improve small productions. Here a short video that will show you how to Swipe Cutting, Split Screening and how to take advantage on your Smart Phone Audio Recording. Enjoy!   3 Tricks For Your Impossibly Small Film Crew from Vimeo… Continue reading 3 Tricks For Your Impossibly Small Film Crew


Photography Cheatsheets | Nikon vs Canon

2013, ‘Pinterest’ [online], Photography Tips, Available from: [Accessed: 11.7.2014].


Easter is coming!

  This video tutorial will show you how to paint easter eggs in a fun and exciting way! You will need: Nail polish paints, an egg [I am using duck eggs], a small cup, chop sticks, a wall nail or other pointy tool and a bit of water. It is important to always test the… Continue reading Easter is coming!


A yummy video

I’ve made this short video. If anyone fancy Ice Cream!

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This is definitely something worth watching. If you struggling to focus your mind in a productive way then have a look at it. Enjoy! REF: Johnson, S. 2010, WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM [online], Available from: [Accessed: 22.5.2013].