Radio Production

BBC – College of Production – Radio Skills: Guide to a radio studio

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Gary Bales shows us around the studio where he produces Lauren Laverne’s show on 6 Music. As well as demonstrating the technical equipment that makes up the studio, Gary explains his responsibilities and those of his team and runs through a few golden rules of studio etiquette.Radio studios involve a range of technical equipment including a broadcast console used to control the levels of all inputs such as microphones, computers and CD players. Output levels have to be monitored using peak programme meters to ensure that sound is not distorted.The Lauren Laverne show is produced by a team of three made up of Lauren, Gary and assistant producer Jonathan Raitt. As with most music radio, the presenter is in control of the desk. The assistant producer’s role can be very diverse, but tends to include music clearance and logging, research and looking after social network accounts. As the producer Gary is responsible for the editorial output of the show and ensuring that it complies with BBC guidelines.

BBC 2012, Guide to a radio studio [online], BBC College of Production, 1, Available from: [Accessed: 19.4.2012].


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